R-Tex Fashion does not own all the stock-lot garments displayed.


Prices quoted are factory’s offers and most are negotiable as these are just the factory’s asking prices. Since R-Tex Fashion does not own these garments always, it is best for you to offer a price or give your best bid. Remember that all these prices quoted are F.O.B. (Freight On Board) therefore; freight and other charges are not included in the quoted price.

Payment terms

All transactions are either through an Irrevocable Letter of Credit or by cash via Telegraphic Transfer to the account of R-Tex Fashion prior to shipment. However after a couple of dealings, more flexible payment options can be considered.

Minimum Quantities

All the quantities declared here are information given by the factory, however quantities could vary after our quality control. (This also depends on the level of quality acceptable by the buyer). Most items shown here are priced on a “take all” basis. However you are welcome to offer the quantity you would be interested in.

Our Quality Guarantee

R-tex fashion guarantees that these garments are quality controlled before shipment and we will accept all genuine claims of quality with refund or replacement.

[N.B : This Terms And Condition Applicable Only For Stock-lot Products.]